The Campaign for Education in Brighton and Hove – our blog

Education is under attack. What’s going on? The youngest children face testing even before they start school, and a rigid curriculum based on inflexible targets. We want to see early years education which recognises that children are not all the same; they develop at different rates and have individual needs. School students and their parents face attempts to turn schools into academies without consultation, leading to a less planned, more divided school system with some schools significantly better resourced. We want to see a school system that is inclusive, and designed to meet the needs of all, planned and managed through local collaboration rather than competition. Teachers face more top-down prescription of how to teach, worsening of pay and conditions of employment, unreliable judgements of performance and a devaluing of their professional expertise. We want to see trained and qualified staff, with professional autonomy over curricula and assessment and working in the interests of learners. Students in further and higher education face increasing fees at the same time as severe cuts, financial chaos and privatisation of colleges. We want to see a college system that is answerable locally and has an obligation to meet the needs of all young people. What we do We are working to build alliances between children, students and their parents and all those working in education and their unions. We aim to provide a forum for debate and a focus for all who wish to campaign for education as a public good, publicly funded and free at the point of delivery, rather than a business opportunity.


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