Universities: Leading or following?

Why are some universities willing to support some schools to leave their local authorities and become academies? Why do university trusts want to privilege and work especially closely with schools in competition with other local schools? Are there reputational and financial risk to universities and educational risks to the pattern of local education and partnerships between schools? Do these new arrangements undermine the ability of universities to carry our independent research into government policy? Are these arrangements democratically accountable to local communities or in the public interest? This guest post by Nadia Edmond and Aidan Pettitt begins to discuss some of these questions of particular relevance locally given the recent press reports of the University of Brighton proposal to open a free school in Brighton Continue reading


Education Deserves the Best, Not Second Best

A Guest Post by James Williams, Lecturer in Education, University of Sussex (follow him at @edujdw

In this powerful guest post, James Williams reviews the last five years of education policy and argues that we’ve have been saddled with ‘second best’. Havoc has been wrought on education with reform that has been as chaotic as it has damaging. In the run up to the general election, this piece is essential reading for anyone – parent, school staff member, education academic, local or national politician, school governor or student teacher – who wants to join the debate, we need, to shape a better education system for the next generation of children.

Children Deserve the Best – so why are they at the mercy of political ideology?

By James D. Williams

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