More secondary school places for Brighton but not a new Free School

Parents of Year 2 and 3 children in Brighton have received a brochure produced by the University of Brighton putting forward the case for a Free School (a type of academy) for Brighton.  Teachers and lecturers in Brighton (the very people the Government keep telling us are best placed to run schools free from external interference) believe that before parents make up their mind on this matter they might want to consider a number of questions not answered in the University of Brighton brochure. No one disputes that more places are needed but the question is: should we be finding ways of providing more places in existing schools or opening a new Free School? The funding is there and alternative options exist. Free Schools are unpopular: You Gov found only 25% support for the creation of new Free Schools; many have concluded Free Schools are socially divisive; they drain funds from education budgets that are available for all schools and the Public Accounts Committee concluded that ‘the … oversight arrangements for Free Schools are not yet working … to ensure… public money is used properly’. Take a look at the statement from the NUT and the UCU: If you want to support the call for more accountable and inclusive local authority places instead of a Free School in Brighton – please sign the petition:

And see the letter here from Campaign member Dave Sang, published in the Argus on Monday 27 April.