Challenging UKIP’s Education Policies And Views – A Statement From Those Working In Education

UKIP offers education polices that seek to divide children, to restrict what they are taught and blame children for the looming crisis in school places. As we approach a local and general election, nearly 70 people who live in Brighton & Hove and who work in education as teachers, lecturers, education support staff or other related fields have signed a statement challenging UKIP’s policies and views on education (see link below). The signatories to this statement believe that UKIP’s views and policies are not based on an understanding of education, would not improve schools and are not in the interests of all children. They know that in communities with different social, cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds, children learn much more. The diversity and inclusiveness of education enriches and broadens it. We need policies that invest in our schools, children and young people: not policies that segregate and exclude children.

Here is the statement: Statement on UKIP Education Policies

If you would like to add your name to this Statement, please email


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