The Campaign for Education in Brighton & Hove held a very well attended meeting on Post 16 Education only a few weeks ago and heard from sixth form and further education lecturers and managers, academics and researchers and governors about the damage being done to sixth form, further and adult education across the country. Read about this on our Post 16 page. Now one of the largest colleges in the South East is cutting A level programmes, cutting the number of teaching hours students will receive, closing a library and the student counselling service and making experienced staff redundant. These cuts severely undermine post 16 education provision in Sussex. 
Teachers at Sussex Downs College are asking us to stand up and support them against these shocking cuts.
Please sign the petition here.
If you can, please email or tweet your support with a message using #sdcstrike and ask everyone to RT – please do this on strike days if you can!
For more details: read the flyer: Defend Further Education at Sussex Downs College


  1. wayne wright says:

    As a member of Defend Post 16 Education in Sussex and a senior manager at Sussex Downs College I feel the need to set the record straight.
    We have had to make efficiencies due to the fall in government funding and pension changes, changes that have affected all FE providers. It has not been possible to do this without some redundancies and loss of hours although most of these have been on a voluntary basis. This is regrettable but has had to be undertaken due to the loss of funding.
    We are not cutting student hours. The time allocated to deliver an A level remains the same as previously.
    The learning resource centre (aka library) is not closing! The paper based resources and books will all be kept on the Eastbourne campus so that all students have access to the full range of ‘hard copy’ materials in one location. Students working in the Eastbourne A Level Centre will still have access to a wide range of virtual resources and can order hard copy resources on line. The learning centre in the A Level Centre will have some additional PCs installed and will be available for students to be able to study and work in small groups as currently. There will also be staff available to support the use of ILT with staff and students.
    We have had to close some programmes at the College due to one or more of the following
    1. The need to narrow our curriculum offer, as we have fewer students enrolling at the College.
    2. Alternatives on offer. Some courses offer a similar pathway to others already available on the same or different campus. When savings have to be made, a judgement has to be made about duplication / alignment.
    3. The Russell Group guidance on facilitating and supporting subjects has been referenced in order to give students the widest choice of universities. For other courses previous progression patterns have been taken into consideration (e.g. students’ progress from level 2 to 3). All courses must lead to positive progression pathways.
    4. We are funded at the maximum level for students whose programmes are at 540 planned learner hours. We do not receive any additional funding for teaching more hours or teaching more qualifications.
    5. An additional consideration has been given to the quality of provision and the benefits it delivers to learners in terms of retention and success rates, high grades and value-added measures (where appropriate).
    I would be grateful, in the interests of balance, that my comments are also recorded.

    Wayne Wright


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