Cuts in the Pre-School Special Educational Needs Service in Brighton and Hove

The National Union of Teacher’s Representative of Brighton and Hove’s Pre-School Special Educational Needs Service has issued this press release.

The National Union of Teachers staff in Brighton and Hove City Council’s Pre-School Special Educational Needs Service (PRESENS) believe strongly that the council’s proposed redesign of the Learning Support Services, which entails significantly reducing the number of pre-school teachers, and deleting the highly regarded PRESENS team from the council’s structure, will result in some of the most vulnerable pre-school children with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) receiving a significantly diminished service. It is likely that these cuts will damage these children’s life-long educational outcomes.

In addition to the likely negative impact on educational outcomes for children, these cuts could eventually cost the council more money than it saves, if parents and carers lose confidence in the council’s ability to make good provision for pre-school children with SEND and their families.

We understand that the budgetary pressures that have forced the council to consider these cuts have been caused by central government’s reduction to the funding of local authorities.

We accept the need to redesign the Learning Support Services, but we would ask the council to work with us and find a way to redesign the service in ways which preserve quality teaching provision for vulnerable pre-school children.

For more detail of the proposals, see Simeon Elliott’s blogpost further down this page.

Simeon Elliott, NUT staff team representative for PRESENS

Paul Shellard, Secretary of Brighton and Hove NUT


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