University of Brighton’s betrayal of Hastings

It was from the local Hastings Observer that UoB staff at Hastings discovered at the end of January that the university was considering closing down the Hastings campus and now the Board of Governors of the University of Brighton has taken the decision to close the Hastings campus over the next two years leaving staff, students and residents of Hastings feeling betrayed and angry.  The staff unions are committed to fighting the closure   as are students  who reacted angrily at the Vice Chancellor’s statement to in Hastings today and have used the Facebook group to condemn the decision (including video footage of a march through Hastings).  The local Labour Party in Hastings is also mounting a campaign and it is interesting to see Amber Rudd the conservative MP for Hastings joining the opposition.   A bit rich some might say since it is the business ethos this government and her party are committed to introducing into the running of universities which is clearly informing Debra Humphris’ and the Board of Governors’ decision.  This is what you get when business priorities are made to trump all other values in HE.  Values like widening participation, community engagement and civic responsibility.  This isn’t just about the campus in Hastings – it is about the very soul of the university!





3 thoughts on “University of Brighton’s betrayal of Hastings

  1. davesang says:

    The Hastings Observer article on yesterday’s protest shows how much the Hastings campus has meant to local students and how much they will be losing.

    The current issue of Private Eye describes a similar situation in Scarborough where the University of Hull is abandoning its local campus. The plan was to hand it over to Hull College but this has fallen through. At the same time, Coventry University is spending £12million on a new Scarborough campus, by coincidence the same amount that UoB spent on its Hastings site). The lack of planning in all this results in a scandalous waste of public money.

    (Incidentally, Hull College spent £1million on a ‘studio school’ which it shut down within two years because of ‘lack of interest’.)

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  2. charley bley says:

    It seems bizarre that the university argues that it’s committment to the community and non profit motives are sufficient for it to be trusted with a free school in Brighton when it has been shown to ignore the community and put finance before education when it comes to running a university campus in Hastings.

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