NUT 6th Form College Strike

Today, many teachers in VI Form Colleges will go on strike. This includes VI Form teachers in Brighton and Hove

The teachers are members of the NUT, and their reasons for taking action are set out here.

Strike action is always an action of last resort. However, when those with power impose unjust policies, and refuse to have a dialogue about alternatives, then what is the last resort often becomes the only option.

The Brighton and Hove Campaign for Education supports a fully funded comprehensive education service.  The current cuts to VI Form funding undermine that commitment. They add to the problems faced by post 16 education (in schools, VI Form Colleges and FE Colleges) across the City and County.

There is an urgent need for coherent, community controlled post-16 provision in our area.  Current policies are a million miles away from this – austerity driven cuts imposed from above are all that is on offer.

Today Brighton and Hove NUT members are standing up for something different and better.  The Campaign is proud to stand with them. We hope that other teacher unions will join this campaign, and that students too will see that the real damage to their education is caused by deep and unnecessary budget cuts.

If we stand up, and stand together, we can begin to build a much more optimistic alternative. Today’s action is a significant contribution to that goal.

(with thanks to the Nottingham Campaign for Education )


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