Parents, School Staff and Governors Campaign Against Forced Academies in Brighton & Hove

Planning and Launch Meeting: April 6th 6.30pm Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton

Thousands of parents and teachers in Brighton & Hove have already signed national petitions  against the Government’s proposals to ignore the wishes of parents, head teachers and their staff, school governors and elected councillors and force schools out of their local authority families of schools to become academies.

These proposals include the abolition of places for parents on school governing bodies and ignore the wealth of evidence that shows that forcing schools to become academies does not improve schools at all.

Most Brighton & Hove local authority community schools are good and popular and all are improving. Parents, teachers and governors have not chosen to take their schools out of the local authority or to convert their schools to academies.

Come and join the meeting at 6.30pm on April 6th at the Friends Meeting House, hear from local teachers and parent campaigns against academies and help plan a campaign to keep our schools as good local authority schools with parents represented on governing bodies. All welcome.

In the meantime here are the petitions: and and here are some links to articles and comment that show the range of views opposed to the proposals:

And here are details of a national meeting in London on April 23rd:


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