Brighton & Hove Education Question Time 2017 – This Tuesday 14th March 7pm at the Sallis Benney Theatre.

This week it’s been hard to avoid news on the growing opposition to the eye watering cuts to school funding that have left schools begging for money from parents and many headteachers openly challenging government policy. It seems government can find £250m for divisive grammar schools and for the £2.5b purchase of land for (often unneeded) free schools but will make cuts of £3b to schools budgets even when the NAO has estimated that maintaining school buildings needs £6.7b. Meanwhile university students and staff across the country (and even the House of Lords) are questioning large parts of the government’s HE Bill that will further damage university education. In further education, a campaign to Save Adult Education – that has faced cuts of more than 40% in less than 10 years – has been launched and there’s much more that deserves debate – youth services, academies, apprenticeships, catchment areas, early years and teacher education for example. The Education Question Time Event on Tuesday 14th March at the Sallis Benney Theatre provides us with an opportunity to debate these issues and build a campaign determined to defend education across all its phases by bringing together education staff, parents, governors, politicians and residents. Hope to see you there.

EDUCATION QUESTION TIME 2017: March 14th with Kevin Courtney (NUT), Sally Hunt (UCU), Sue Cowley (Education Writer & Blogger), James Williams (Education Lecturer), Councillor Dan Chapman and Catherine Fisher (Parent and Campaigner).




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